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It seems like there may have been a pretty weird issue of some kind with the coins, from what we understand.  A couple of people are only now getting theirs.  Best Buy put out this statement a few days before Smash Fest:

We are excited for the upcoming Smash-Fest @ Best Buy events this upcoming Wednesday and Saturday at select Best Buy stores in Canada. We apologize to our fans attending the Smash-Fest events this week at Best Buy however the Super Smash Bros. limited edition gold-coloured coins are delayed in shipping and will be unavailable at the events. However, the first 35 people in line at each store on both event days will still be eligible to get the coin. Nintendo staff onsite will take down names, and shipping information, and coins will be shipped early next week (June 16th). Limit one coin per person. Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you at the events this week! 

Our experience with the Nintendo reps at the event told us that there was some kind of issue with the creation of the coins themselves?  We heard a couple of different stories, though.

They get a coin?! Man, now it REALLY sucks that my town didn’t have Smash-Fest! D:>
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